Coffee Brewers

Portable Pourover Coffee Brewers

  • Single, stand-alone temperature-controlled brewer
  • Possibility to have additional warmers to keep extra decanters of coffee ready to be served
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Completely portable, no pumbling needed
  • Brews directly into decanters

Your answer for Coffee

PrecisionBrew Shuttle Brewers

Grindmaster PrecisionBrewers reimagine your idea of coffee. Modern design and touch screen control simplify and streamline the brewing operation.

Advance technology assure that your coffee is always perfectly blended and with a consistent flavor profile.

Encapsulair Shuttles

Portable Encapsulair Shuttles circulates hot air between the internal chambers, maintaining coffee temperature and flavor.

Shuttle Sensors

Sensors prevent brewing when shuttle is not in place.

Java-tate Technology

Java-tate technology inside the shuttles gently stirs the brewed coffee at regular intervals, keeping the coffee perfectly blended, ensuring a consistent flavor profile.

Delicious Flavor